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About the Artist

Hi and welcome to the “About the Artist” bit.

Terry featured in Colour In Your Life

My name is Terry (Teresa) Jackson, I was born in 1958 and I (usually... explanation further down) live in beautiful Adelaide in South Australia with my partner Dave.

I am a fabulous mum, pretty decent cook, a not-too-bad gardener and practicing procrastinator. I am a hug-a-tree-save-the-whales-and-don't-waste-water kind of person and have been told I would have made a great hippy.

Nowadays I am an artist but this wasn't always so.

Now, I could say that being an artist has been my lifelong passion, that I was drawn (pardon the pun) to portraying animals by some mysterious or overwhelming force. I could say that I am an art school graduate with years and years of fine art experience behind me....yes I could say all of that but I won't because none of that is true...this is....

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In the Beginning

The early stuff!!!

This is where it all began, before I had even tried to draw animals. I don't do a lot of portraiture nowadays unless on special commission but here is a little of how I started. I am hoping i have improved a little by now Smile......

Please note that the scanned quality of these sketches is not good due to my um...(can I say 'crappy' on the Internet?) scanner.

Now before I start on all the technical details (of which there won't be many) I must say that when I do a portrait, I don't try to 'pretty it up'. I try to sketch it as closely as possible to the photo I'm working from. In other words all the wrinkles, bags, lumps and bumps are there which, to me, is the way it should be. After all, it's our imperfections that make us perfect and who am I to mess with perfection?! (And if that's the criteria, I'm as perfect as they come!...ahem.).

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Events and Achievements


Achievements :


2007 – Campbelltown Art Show and Sale – People's Choice Award (“Pride and Joy”). Purchased by Campbelltown City Council and now hanging in their front offices.


2008 – Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize – Highly Commended (“Happy Endings”). This piece also toured to Canberra where it was exhibited at the National Archives.


2009 – Featured Artist – April edition -Wet Canvas Magazine.


2009 – Critique of “Tusk” - August – By Eric Tilden


2009 – Solo Exhibition in conjunction with the SALA (South Australian Living Artists) festival.


2009 – Featured Artist – August edition – Nature's Paintbox eZine.


2010 - Campbelltown Art Show and Sale (April)


2010 - Lions Club of Glenside (Inc) 2010 Art Show (May)


2010 - Solo Exhibition in conjunction with the SALA (South Australian Living Artists) festival. Held at the Santos Conservation Centre, Adelaide Zoo.


2010 - SALA on Sale


2010 - Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize – "Not So Different" was successfully juried into this show. Sold!


2011 - Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize - "Small Parts, Big Picture" juried into the show and was judged "Highly Commended".


2012 - Challinger Gallery - RAH - Featured Artist


2012 - Featured artist, full episode of Put Some Colour In Your Life, aired 23/09/2012


Galleries :


None at present



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Web site look and feel

I'm not sure if you know this but designing web sites to support all browser versions is very nearly impossible.

This is because browsers in general have a pretty loose definition of "standards".  If I were to build a web site to suit the "standard", it would display very differently on different browsers, even differently on different versions of the same browser!

By far the worst browser in this respect is Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE).  Unfortunately, this is also by far the most common browser used by people around the world because it is supplied "free" with the Microsoft Operating System.  If a web site is designed to follow the standard, then it will work fine in Firefox, Opera, Safari and most other browsers but will break badly in IE.

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