07:23 am, 18 Feb, 2018 (ACDT)
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Art had always been an interest of mine. I could wander an art gallery for hours, read books on art and I even dabbled a little in my younger days, producing one or two very average paintings and a crude but interesting sculpture of a fist that was pounded out of a piece of sandstone. I enjoyed doing arts and crafts and making things with my 3 kids. I helped out doing arty things at the local primary school and decorated the sets and programmes for the Spalding Drama Group (I was a bit of an amateur thespian and singer and this was a very small town (around 250 people)...we all chipped in) but that was pretty much as far as it went.

As years passed, my children grew into wonderful adults, I got divorced in 2000 and life went on. I did a counselling course, travelled overseas, met some terrifically interesting people and had a great time but I still wasn't an artist and had no thoughts of becoming one. In fact I had fully qualified as a counsellor in that time and I thought that was to be my life's focus but no... t'wasn't to be!

I eventually moved from the small town life I had known for more than 18 years to the big smoke to be with my new partner Dave. Another degree of change. Then one decision made in early 2005 added several more compass points of change to my existence. That decision? To draw a triple portrait in graphite of my sister Barbara for her 40th birthday (as a baby, aged about 8 and a sneaky photo taken a couple of days before her 40th). It turned out better than I had hoped and it made her cry with happiness. :)

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