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I've been taken by surprise by the interest generated by my appearance on Colour in your Life and re-visited my web site for the first time in ages.  Unfortunately, I noticed some of the prices were not correct. 

For instance, as I've framed the originals for exhibitions and shows, I've noted on the site that they are "framed" in the description but didn't add the cost of framing to the price of the item (yes I know, that was a bit silly).  The indicative prices on the site for commissioned art work were also very old and didn't reflect the time it takes me to do an art work. 

The upshot is that I've had to change some of the prices.  In all cases where we've had to change the prices and you've already ordered the item, we will obviously honour the old price.

I'm very sorry about that.


Too much to do, not enough time.

I've been flat out over the past six months with almost everything but art. However, the good news is that the Wild Whimsy card collection is now available at the Royal Adelaide Hospital Newsagents and are going great guns. The collection of originals was also exhibited in the Challinger Gallery along with two other pieces and I am happy to say that 7 of the 11 artworks have now been sold!

Almost another year gone...

I can't believe it's November already and that it's only another few weeks until Christmas!

There are some exciting updates on Drawn Wild, with a whole new category of fun. The Wild Whimsy Collection is a cute addition to the Drawn Wild menagerie with gorgeous creatures in beautiful black and white with a touch of cheeky colour thrown in. At the moment the Whimsies are available as Limited Edition A4 prints, mouse mats and soon-to-be-released card sets.

There are also some brand new additions to the Wild graphite section with "And Lift!" ... "Best Toy Ever" ... "The Longest Journey" ..."Hide and Seek" and "Patience"

2011 - the fastest moving year ever!

Half way through 2011 already and it feels as though I've done nothing at all, yet I've been so busy, my head's been in a spin.

So, what's been happening? Sadly the second half of the year has started with some difficulty as my beautiful Mum Vi passed away suddenly.  :)

Busy, busy

Time has flown this year and so many things have happened. The days just seem to be blurring into weeks and months. It's been a real time of highs and lows, happiness and sadness.

I've had art shows, competitions, my son and his girlfriend moved in, and sadly, my wonderful Dad passed away. But the art goes on and I've completed a couple more pieces, and I am constantly working on new ones. Keep visiting, you never know what you're going to find.

Group Hug Video - A time lapse demo

I've finally managed to complete and upload the time lapse animation of the drawing of Group Hug.

Hope you like it!

New Artworks on Site

I have finally updated the site and the newest works are here! These are "Morning Stretch", "Belly Rub", "Straggler", "Mud Fight" and "Not So Different". Please feel free to wander about and have a look.

I am happy to announce that both the SALA Festival and the Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize were both successful!

Artists Palette Magazine

Some of my work was recently showcased in the Australian Artists Palette magazine. It was quite a shock to actually see my work in print.

Here's a scan of the piece if you want to have a look.

artists palette thumb

Morning Stretch

This was my first attempt at doing a time-lapse video of one of my drawings.

I used a Canon 450 digital camera fixed above my desk and connected to my computer. The computer was set up to take a photo periodically giving me some warning (a countdown) so I could get out of the way..

This is the result:

Hope you like it!

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